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Gastric leiomyoma of the disease

Лейомиома Leiomyoma of the stomach is a benign neoplasm, originating from smooth muscle of the surfaces of the stomach. These formations are also observed in other organs. Leiomyoma occurs mainly in people over fifty years of age and older. Basically, it's a small education, which symptomatically does not manifest itself. At larger sizes, it may bleed and cause pain. Education is a growth in her stomach rounded configuration. In the presence of clinical manifestations of the tumor, it must be removed.

Education benign character develop gradually, not spreading in the accompanying organs and not putting pressure on the fabric. However, the lack of attention to leiomyoma and treatment contribute to the transformation of education into a malignant character. This disease is called leiomyosarcoma. Time to suspect the beginning of cancer, all patients suffering from diseases of the digestive system, at least once in six months should consult a doctor for medical research.

When leiomyoma affects the antral part of the stomach. In other parts of the organ a leiomyoma is observed much less frequently. There are single and multiple leiomyomas, characterized by clear boundaries, smooth area, smooth configuration. Leiomyoma grows in the lining of the stomach.


Factors of tumor development in the stomach is not fully understood. Researchers claim that its progression takes a long time.

Causes of leiomyoma, the following:

  • the worst ecological situation;
  • the ultraviolet light;
  • the influence of various viruses and bacteria;
  • physical damage and temperatures;
  • reducing the protective properties of the organism;
  • problems in the endocrine system;
  • the abuse of alcohol and Smoking;
  • defective and improper diet;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals.

The clinical picture

Basically, education is characterized by asymptomatic and is detected only when a random visit to the doctor in connection with another disease. Clinical manifestations of uterine leiomyomas of the stomach are very rare. This usually occurs when a leiomyoma of the stomach is covered with sores and bleeding. Occurs heartburn, patients concerned about pain at night, sometimes there is vomiting with dark content, dark color feces. Patients also accompanied by fatigue, low hemoglobin, pale skin. In the case extraesophageal growth of uterine leiomyomas observed compression of the vagus nerve, accompanied by the crackling of voice, dry cough, tachycardia.

Asto recognize the leiomyoma?

Посещение врача If you do not pass a General medical examination once a year, then the probability of detection you have the education of a stomach increases significantly. To find a leiomyoma of the stomach is very difficult even for an experienced doctor, as it is small in size. Usually education is set randomly. In order to accurately determine the presence of leiomyoma in the stomach, making the number of instrumental techniques. Initially it is required to pass echolocation by ultrasound. For further diagnosis requires an x-ray. If the investigation specialist has doubts, you need to undergo gastroscopy and gastrobiopsy. Examination of damaged material of the stomach helps to make a diagnosis. The doctor's goal is to prevent the malignization of education and time to resect.

The leiomyoma of the stomach should be distinguished from leiomyosarcoma. Usually malignant transformation is susceptible to the formation of stomach larger than three inches. To implement the difference of the diagnosis on x-ray and endoscopy is difficult. The most reliable recognized by histological examination and biopsy, many patients can be matched to individual difficulties with submucosal localization of education. The disease differentialsa with GIST-formations.

Treatment of leiomyoma

In identifying the education required to set its size, configuration, localization. If the formation size is small, surgery is not required. The patient is gastroendoscopy with the further conduct of cryosurgery, lesions of of education the influence of low temperatures. If the formation is large, but prevents gastrointestinal activities, the method of local excision. When large amounts of education in the stomach, the patient requires advice and assistance of the oncologist to assign a personalized methods of treatment.

After done, surgery required to undertake medical treatment, which includes:

  • proton pump inhibitors: a means of reducing the production of gastric secretions;
  • when infected with helicobacteria requires taking antibiotics to eliminate them and prevent their development.

Alternative medicine

The most important thing in the treatment of leiomyoma of the stomach is full compliance with all the established medical principles of nutrition. You must strictly adhere to all recommendations at the time of recovery in the future.

Contraindicated use:

  • fried, spicy, smoked and other products that irritate;
  • to exclude junk food: bacon, mushrooms,meat;
  • to refrain from caffeine and alcoholic beverages.

Каша Very useful for stomach will have different cereals, dairy products, purees, meat and fish low-fat varieties. Instead of tea should be brewed herbal teas. Effective in the treatment of leiomyoma of the stomach is herbal medicine. But all this is individual and is assigned a specialist taking into account the age, professional activity, genetic predisposition, suffering a pathology. Also very useful for stomach are cabbage and potato juices. Tremendous results in malignant disease gives pine tar. Also, a positive effect has sea buckthorn. Before you start treatment folk methods, be sure to consult with a specialist regarding this or other means.

The prognosis of leiomyoma

In this disease, the prognosis is mostly comforting. However, we must consider the seriousness and danger of uterine leiomyomas, which carries with it an insidious disease. The pathological process can quickly and suddenly turn into malignant in the presence of aggressive factors of influence. It should compete more radical ways.
Other complications:

  • the occurrence of perforation of the formation of stomach with onset of peritonitis;
  • a significant reduction in the surface of the stomach, which manifests itself most often in the presence of a tumor of large size;
  • the expression of the formation of stomach;
  • bleeding tumors of the stomach;
  • getting education into the duodenum, which leads to a sharp pain.


It happens that patients do not fully understand the seriousness of the leiomyoma. The progression of education increases. To leiomyoma of stomach degenerated into a malignant mass, you need to follow the principles of healthy eating. Every 6 months should consult a doctor, even if you don't care. Also need to fully give up Smoking and alcoholic drinks, in a timely manner to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere, to periodically visit the gastroenterologist. After the excision of the formations additional gastroscopic studies must be implemented within six months, and in the future twice a year.