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When you want to reduce the stomach and how it is done

Тонкий живот The problem of excess weight becomes for modern man increasingly important. Granted, many people are looking for different ways on how to reduce the stomach. Look how safe it is and whether it is possible to reduce this on at home.

Why is the procedure?

The reasons for reducing stomach lie primarily in weight gain and in increase in the size of the body. The stomach size can be increased for the following reasons:

  • for a long period of overeating;
  • irregular meal when it is consumed rarely, but in large chunks;
  • consumption with food large amounts of fluid;
  • eating in a time when there is no hunger.

The stomach acquires a large size for anatomical reasons. The fact that in this organ the food is a long time and mixed with gastric juice. And then in small portions it comes in 12-duodenum for further digestion and subsequent absorption. It turns out that in this case, the stomach is a kind of tank.

Want to lose weight and looking for ways to reduce the volume of the stomach, one must know that the longer food is in the stomach, the larger becomes this body. Therefore, in order to reduce weight, resort to different ways to reduce this organ.

Reduction natural way

To reduce the capacity of stomach at home, it is necessary to know which characteristics affect the size.

  1. At the time of receipt in the stomach fluid or food it is very easily stretched.
  2. In the result of relaxation is an increase in its size.
  3. When the organ is emptied, it with a little speed begins to decrease in size.
  4. After relaxing changes the structure of its walls.
  5. If a human stomach has the abbreviated state, it can not quickly be stretched to the size it had before the reduction. You need to get passed more cycles of filling and emptying of the body.
  6. If you do not overload the reduced stomach, it will not increase in volume.

Correct eating is the way to reduce the size of the stomach

To lose weight, it is important to learn to eat right. Fast food, combined with poor chewing of food, helps to ensure that the person eats several times more than necessary.

To train yourself to eat less easy – you slowly chew the food. It is necessary to sit straight. The consumption of one small portions of food would take 15 to 25 minutes – so much time passes from the moment of hit of food in the digestive system before occurrence of feeling of saturation. So you can quickly bring it intonormal.

You need to concentrate on eating and not be distracted by conversations, reading Newspapers. This will help to ensure that at one time you eat much less. This will be a gradual reduction of the stomach, as he seemed to be to "remember" the amount of food that it receives daily.

Reduce the volume with the right diet

Здоровое питание One of the best ways to reduce stomach at home – a selection of relevant products. Daily menus need to be designed to have a large number of dishes that contain fiber. It stimulates the metabolism in the body, helps to preserve the feeling of satiety.

Diet means eating the necessary amount of liquid. It is necessary to stop to drink water during meals and after meals. The water in the stomach during a meal, increases its size.

From the diet should exclude fatty foods, sauces. They contribute to increased appetite, which in turn causes an increase in stomach. Add in food bran contributes to the filling of the digestive tract and prolonged digestion. So you prevent the ingestion of large amounts of food and increase its volume.

Corrective exercises for the digestive tract

Some simple exercises can help those looking for ways to reduce the volume of the stomach. They can be done in order to improve your fitness, metabolism. Remember that any exercise done on an empty stomach in the morning.

  1. Well trained stomach and reduce its size breathing exercises. Do them standing. Inhale and exhale, pull your stomach and hold your breath. Be repeated at least thirty times.
  2. Lie on a hard surface and press the lower back to the floor. Feet so that the thighs are at the same level. To "one or two" take a breath, plunging the stomach. The exhalation should be done, not relaxing the abdominal muscles. Only make up to ten such cycles of inhalation and exhalation. Try as much as possible to involve the stomach.
  3. Sit in the posture of "Lotus". The back should be straight. Inhale and exhale, pulling the belly to the back.
  4. Take the position of "plank" focus on your toes and palms so that the body formed a straight line. Do ten slow breaths. You need to make sharp breaths and to tighten up the belly to the spine, imagining how the reduced capacity of the stomach.

As a result of the exercise, the stomach becomes smaller in volume, which allows you to follow a diet effortlessly.

Surgical ways to reduce stomach size

src="/gastric/images/41-2.jpg" title="the surgical reduction of the stomach" alt="Surgery gastric reduction"> reduction Surgery gastric is assigned in case of failure of conservative methods to correct its size. It is often prescribed want to lose weight. There are several ways to reduce the stomach by surgery.

  1. Silicone intragastric balloon. This operation is not complicated and comparable to gastroscopy. Silicone balloon fills part of the stomach, from which the saturation comes much earlier. This helps to ensure that the patient is effectively throwing his weight about. The container shall be placed for a period of six months, and then removed.
  2. Laparoscopic banding. The essence of the operation lies in the fact that the upper part of the stomach cuff is worn. It regulates the amount of food that enters the digestive organs. The operation is minimally invasive, since the abdominal wall is only a few punctures. The diameter of the cuff can be adjusted.
  3. Operation gastroenerology isolates the upper part of the stomach. It connects to the small intestine. Operation allows several times to reduce the amount of food that it receives.
  4. Operation bilopancreatic bypass surgery combines the volume of the stomach and a kind of reconstruction of the colon. From it begins to flow much less nutrients in the body. Thus, the stomach becomes a small narrow tube, which receives only 100 ml of food.

Is there any risk during surgical correction

Wanting to lose weight, many people do not know how to reduce the stomach, and at the first opportunity to resort to surgery. But any surgery is an intervention, and it carries certain risks. Therefore, doctors do not hide the risks of any surgery and warn that after the surgery there is a risk of complications.

It is important to know that different variants of the bypass surgery require follow-up by a specialist. You need to take vitamin and mineral supplements. We need special diet. So before you drastically lose weight, you should weigh all "for" and "against", so you do not have to pay severe consequences.

The result of the correction of the digestive system

Some people do not know how to reduce the stomach and thus limiting yourself in food, or, worse, accept "miracle cures" that supposedly can reduce it. Meanwhile, there are simple rules that are described in the form of exercises and for facilitating the correction of the dimensions of the body, while not resorting to surgery. All of them areharmless to humans.

After reducing the stomach a person has seen such positive effects:

  • normalizes digestion, because at one time in the digestive system receives less food, and it is better digested;
  • losing weight;
  • reduces the risk of diabetes;
  • is the cure of ulcers, gastritis;
  • significantly increased self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • increases vitality.

But for the surgical correction of volume should be resorted to only in the most extreme cases. Because it has a lot of risks, and therefore the positive effect of it is questionable.