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Gastritis: symptoms and manifestations

Проявления гастрита Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which contributes to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal sphere. When the gastritis the food is poorly digested, which in turn leads to the depletion and weakening of the body. Gastritis is manifested in acute and chronic form. As a rule, the disease is divided according to the level of acidity of gastric secretion. Today gastritis is considered to be a very popular disease that occurs in both adults and children, men and women. Signs of gastritis are manifested in the form of an inflammatory process. Acute gastritis occurs quickly. If the lesion of the stomach was caused by aggressive substances, it threatens the patient's life.

Inflammation of duodenal ulcers in medicine called duodenitis. Separate the acute and chronic forms of these disorders. Causes of inflammation of the stomach and duodenum serve poor diet, pathogens, harmful compounds, inappropriate use of food. Infection of the stomach and the duodenum by Helicobacter pylori contributes to the pathological process.

As manifested gastritis with high acidity?

Gastritis, symptoms of which in adults is very diverse, often can not be felt. This is a manifestation of gastritis, such as pain in the epigastric part, is the most common symptom of the disease. Usually cause pain drugs and food, characterized by a high irritability to the mucosa of the stomach. Occasionally pain may occur in between meals. In the presence of gastritis, the patient is contraindicated alcohol, soda, coffee, spices, food, irritating the mucosa. To identify symptoms of gastritis of the stomach can by the presence of signs such as heartburn, belching, accompanied by vomiting. The disease is manifested by severe gas in your stomach. If the patient has the first signs of gastritis, you need to contact the doctor to begin research and diagnosis.

How to recognize gastritis in the chronic form? It is a difficult question, because the gastritis, symptoms of which are poorly hidden when chronic, manifested by such symptoms as tongue coating whitish hue, fatigue, weakness, flatulence, can alternate diarrhea with diarrhea. During the chronic gastritis not usually impact greatly on the patient's state of health. In the mild stage, the disease is manifested by constipation and diarrhea. In advanced cases anemia occurs, the patient regularly wants to sleep, he has halitosis.

To determine the of gastritis with high acidity can according to the following criteria:

  • systematic epigastric pain, whicheasier eating;
  • regular diarrhea;
  • heartburn sour;
  • frequent discharge of gas, that burp.

To identify gastritis with low acidity can according to the following criteria: Боли при гастрите

  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • unpleasant taste in the mouth;
  • belching rotten;
  • rumbling;
  • nausea, which bother in the mornings.
  • halitosis;
  • unstable chair.

Symptoms anatsidnyh gastritis

Anatsidnyh gastritis is a severe type of disease that occurs when gastritis with low acidity. The acidity level is very low, due to which digestion is disturbed. At the initial stage of disease, as a rule, anatsidnyh gastritis does not manifest itself. Despite the fact that the signs of gastritis are masked, there are certain signs, which can determine anatsidnyh gastritis:

  • feeling of fullness in the stomach;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • fatigue;
  • nausea, accompanied by vomiting;
  • halitosis;
  • strong weight loss that is due to the fact that the absence of gastric contents prevents full absorption of nutrients.

If you do not timely treatment, anatsidnyh gastritis a show of new manifestations:

  • amplified flatulence;
  • aversion to food;
  • severe pain in the lumbar area;
  • a strong loss of body weight;
  • the emergence of serious consequences, for example, such as pancreatitis.

To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, anatsidnyh gastritis involves the treatment and removal of all causes of disease.

A relapse can be identified by such clinical signs: Болит желудок при гастрите

  • regular epigastric pain that occurs after eating;
  • belching and a burning sensation in the chest;
  • mouth tasted like metal;
  • vomiting of undigested food with bile;
  • excessive thirst and fatigue;
  • diarrhoea alternates with constipation;
  • tachycardia, dizziness.

To identify the recurrence of severe types of the disease can be presence of vomiting with admixture of blood. Hemorrhage of the stomach and duodenum manifests itself dark stool mixed with blood. Sometimes it is possible to recognize only by means of the diagnostic studies. Disguised bleeding makes itself known hidden symptoms such as a pale shade of skin, dizziness.


All pain occurring in the abdomen, is called in medicine a General term "acute abdomen". These feelings may be stitching, cutting, burning. They can indicate many diseases. In women, the pain appears whilethere are problems in gynecology. However, the pain that was caused by gastritis, you can easily define your own. The most obvious signs that indicate the presence of inflammation of the stomach are pain after eating, alcohol, drugs, prolonged fasting. All other versions are the onset of pain can be confused with other signs of disease.


The study is based on collecting data for installation changes in the stomach and duodenum, incisions ultrasound of the peritoneum. In women must be differentiated from other pathology of gynecological diseases. First aid is the exception to the stimuli of the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum. The patient needs to provide the rest, which considerably reduced the pain. This can be achieved with adhering to a strict diet, eating non-irritating food, which leads to healing of lesions. In severe cases, manifested striking clinical phenomena, patient requires hospitalization in a hospital. To exclude factors affecting the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, particularly to give up alcohol and Smoking.


Лечение гастрита Treatment of gastritis of the stomach and inflammation of the duodenum in adults should be aimed at combating the causes of disease, the renewal of the mucous membrane of the stomach and prevention of exacerbations. Treatment depends on the pathology. Treatment is complex and involves the following interventions: dietary therapy, pharmacological drugs, preventive measures to prevent recurrence of the disease.

In the acute phase need to refrain from eating until until a self-renewal process of the gastric mucosa. Then filled up by the diet gradually. Initially, the patient shows a strict diet, and after recovery of the mucosa of the stomach, gradually increasing list of food consumed.

Treatment gastritis main principles:

  • restriction or exception of alcohol and coffee, sharp;
  • quitting Smoking, preparations are shown to reduce diarrhoeal disorders;
  • useful are vitamin preparations.

A therapeutic diet plays a very important role in the fight against the disease. All patients must adhere to the principles of frequent eating in small amounts. Based on the level of acidity of gastric secretion, a doctor prescribes a dietary treatment. Useful effect gives physiotherapy, treatment of mineral waters. Drug treatment should include medication to decrease the acidity of the stomach, as well as antibacterial agents, drugs,stimulating the renewal of the mucosa.

Preventive actions prevent inflammation of the stomach and duodenum should be carried out regularly and are in a balanced healthy eating, physical activity, avoiding stressful situations.