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What may develop gastritis?

Гастрит Gastritis is one of the most popular diseases in our time. Most people at least once in life, faced with the unpleasant manifestations of this disease. About 80% of elderly people suffer from gastritis. The disease is dangerous because in the chronic form, it can transform to malignant or ulcer.

Gastritis is a the mucosal part of the stomach, which leads to disruption of the gastrointestinal sphere. While the food is poorly digested, resulting in a decay of vitality. The disease can occur in acute or chronic form.

Today, this pathology is the disease of the century. The disease occurs among the adult population and among children. Pathology arises from different reasons. Inflammation occurring in this disease can occur as a short-term phenomenon or as long. The pathological process arising from exposure to different corrosive acids, dangerous to life fatal.

The classification of gastritis

As mentioned above, the disease can occur in acute or chronic form. The acute form is divided into:

  • catarrhal. Observed superficial lesion of the gastric mucosa or minor inflammation;
  • erosive gastritis. In this form there are ulcers, which sometimes bleed, then the disease is called hemorrhagic gastritis.

Chronic atrophic form of the disease accompanied by lesions of the surfaces of the stomach and scarring. If this type of disease is not treated, then the patient is facing cancer. We therefore recommend that, at the slightest sign of the disease to see a doctor.


There are external and internal causes of gastritis. Certain categories of people, the disease progresses gradually with no serious effects on the body. Accordingly, the causes of disease hidden by many factors.

The most common external causes of gastritis:

  1. of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. These microorganisms are observed in the stomach of most patients with the disease. They work hard to spread the surfaces of the stomach, secrete special substances, affecting the mucous part of the body that provoke inflammation;
  2. an improper diet. It is revealed that the most common causes of gastritis are hidden in an unbalanced diet. This theory is true with overeating or malnutrition. When consuming monotonous food is disrupted gastric peristalsis. The initial stage of the disease involves the exclusion of foods that contain plant tissue and also spicy, fried, fatty foods;
  3. separate factor in the emergence ofthe disease are alcoholic drinks. Their frequent drinking leads to disruption of acid-base balance. Alcohol in high concentration is detrimental to related organs involved in digestion;
  4. found that certain medicines which are very popular in pharmacology and used as analgesic, anti-inflammatory agents, are characterized by a number of side effects, affect the mucous membranes of the stomach. These medicines should be taken strictly on doctor appointment;
  5. some experts have determined that gastritis appears for worm infestations, frequent stress, it can earn in case of accidental contact on the surface of the stomach corrosive substances.

Internal factors in the development of the disease the following: Боли в желудке при гастрите

  • genetic tendency to gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere;
  • release of bile from the duodenum into the gastric cavity. In this case there is a change in the acidity of gastric secretion, affected mucosa of the stomach;
  • autoimmune factor. An impaired immune system, resulting in the protective cells of the stomach do not function properly, lose their function. This causes a change in the level of acidity of gastric secretion, gastric striking surface. Result in the violation of the protective properties of the mucosa part of the stomach to the aggressive contents of the stomach;
  • the failure of hormonal metabolism, the influence of pathogenesis related bodies.

Erosive gastritis: symptoms

To identify specifically erosive gastritis symptoms is very difficult, except the cases, when the patient has bleeding in the stomach. In this case, the presence of erosions in the stomach is obvious. All clinical symptoms are characteristic for any type of gastritis, and can only suspect the patient is in the erosive form with their intensity and regularity.
Erosive gastritis is characterized by the following features:

  • epigastric pain, implying the use of strong analgesics;
  • symptoms such as heartburn and regurgitation are the most frequent and accompany chronic erosive gastritis;
  • diarrhoeal disorders, manifested a constant heaviness in the stomach, halitosis, unstable chair;
  • the emergence of pain after eating or in the morning on an empty stomach.

These symptoms, implying the suspected erosive gastritis should be confirmed by diagnosis. Erosive gastritis in the complication goes into erosive-hemorrhagic form. Large erosion pose a seriousthreat to human health. Erosive gastritis becomes worse, accompanied by bright signs that indicate the presence of hemorrhage of the gastro-intestinal sphere.

The symptoms of catarrhal gastritis

Болит желудок при гастрите In the acute form of catarrhal gastritis symptoms after some time after the appearance of inflammation. All patients, mostly talking about the severe pain in the epigastrium, feeling of heaviness, heartburn and belching, halitosis. If the disease is severe, then the following symptoms appear: fever, nausea, accompanied by vomiting bile. Patients often feel dizziness, fatigue, high level of fatigue and heavy sweating. During the inspection the doctor sees the gray patina that has accumulated on the tongue and sour breath.

The disease develops rapidly and if untreated becomes chronic. The symptoms of chronic catarrhal forms of the disease differ from the acute manifestations of the course of gastritis. The patient refuses to take food in the absence of appetite, his broken chair. After a meal in patients with severe pain occurs in the epigastric region. Chronic gastritis is manifested by periods of remissions and relapses. The disease in this form are not fully amenable to treatment, but compliance with all recommendations of the doctor can help to significantly improve the patient's quality of life.

Basic principles of treatment of gastritis

To get rid of the disease, the patient is assigned to the adsorbing means. Patients should follow a special diet for gastritis. Treatment should be aimed at sparing mucosa component. Should be limited to spices in the dishes and the amount of salt. You need to eat many times a day a little bit. Coffee, alcohol, sweets, spices and other food, irritating the gastric mucosa, should be excluded. Good for the stomach are mucous porridge, boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese, lean meats. You need to drink kissels, compotes, dog-rose, weakly brewed tea, beneficial effect is characterized by mineral water without gas content.

To lesions of the stomach, the patient should take the enveloping means, painkillers are taken when severe pain.

In return, from the use of alcohol should be avoided, and the intake of pharmacological agents, characterized by side effects relating to the gastrointestinal area. Systematic abuse of alcohol is a real contributing factor to the onset of the disease.