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Symptoms, causes and treatment of diffuse gastritis

Диффузный гастрит Today, unfortunately, completely healthy people are very few. Gastritis is a very popular ailment in our time. This disease occurs in people of any age. Dangerous disease because a long period of time may not be felt and the patient does not even know about its presence, while the disease continues to progress. There are many types of this disease.

Diffuse gastritis is the most common disease that arises as a result of acute and chronic forms. To ignore this disease in any case not worth it, because while it can develop very serious complications, for example, malignancy.

The result is irritation of the stomach is poorly digested food and strikes the surface of the body. The suction function of the body contributes to a strong poisoning. Suffer the health, there is fatigue. The renewal of the cells in the gastrointestinal area greatly disturbed, thereby reducing the protective abilities of the slime. Inflammation is the result of lesions of the stomach.

Classification of diffuse gastritis

Chronic gastritis involves several stages of disease progression. In the absence of timely treatment, the disease occurs in more complex form, causing irreversible problems with the gastrointestinal area. Originally the surface there is a diffuse gastritis. The disease is asymptomatic, therefore the treatment measures are not taken, causing the disease quickly passes into the chronic pathological process.

Inflammation occurs in the deeper layers of the stomach and there is subatrophic chronic gastritis. The cell regeneration while slowing down, they begin to replaced by scarring. This disease contributes to the deterioration of the functionality of the stomach and impaired digestive system. If time does not begin treatment, will develop diffuse chronic atrophic gastritis of the character.

The clinical picture

Боли при диффузном гастрите This disease is characterized by similar symptoms with other types of gastritis. They can occur both together and separately. In the early going on the surface the pathological process of the mucous of the stomach, which gradually flows into chronic. After some time the patient arises the surface diffuse subatrophic and atrophic gastritis. When the first signs of the disease should start treatment.

Main clinical symptoms:

  • pain initially occur periodically, but at least progressiondisease, discomfort continues to increase, making it difficult to lead a fulfilling life patient. The pain in gastritis are observed throughout the day, but mostly it occurs after eating;
  • nausea and vomiting appear over time, often these symptoms appear after eating. After vomiting at the time, there is relief condition;
  • weight loss. As a result of atrophy that occurs in the mucosa of the stomach, is a violation of the digestive system, so that the patient's lose weight.


The main factor, which occurs a disease such as diffuse superficial gastritis is eating disorders. The quality of the food is also of great importance. In this form of gastritis has been observed extensive damage, as is often begins to inflame the whole stomach.

Superficial gastritis — the main causes

  • crash diet;
  • harmful products;
  • failure to comply with the sleep mode;
  • nervous disorders;
  • activity involving work at night;
  • the bacterium Helicobacter pylori;
  • fatigue;
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse.


Врач лечит болезни The effectiveness of treatment for gastritis depends on the timeliness of its implementation. The treatment of the disease involves abstinence from food. At the time of treatment is shown on a special diet, which excludes alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods from the diet. Possible therapy medical drugs and vitamins. If chronic superficial gastritis caused by bacterium Helicobacter pylori, a doctor is assigned to antibacterial treatment. Also effective are people's methods, but their use should be discussed with a doctor.

Treatment alternative medicine:

  • sea-buckthorn juice is characterized by excellent anti-inflammatory effect. If the acidity of the gastric secretion is normal, then one hour before eating was adopted for the glass tools. Chronic superficial gastritis treated in this way is very fast;
  • take a small spoon of aloe juice three times a day half an hour before meals for two months;
  • pour 20 drops of propolis in half a glass of water. It should be consumed 60 minutes before meals for three weeks.

The principles of nutrition

To cure chronic superficial gastritis, you should stick to the diet. Diet for gastritis involves exclusion of fried, salty, spicy, fatty, smoked foods, coffee, strong tea, alcohol. In this disease you can eat lean fish and meat. All food must be puréed, especially at the time of relapse. Of dairy products can eat cheese and yogurt. Usefulmineral water and herbal teas.

Food should be warm. To eat should be in small quantities and often. Chronic gastritis is a disease in which there are serious problems in the functioning of the gastrointestinal sphere, as it affected the entire body. To prevent serious consequences, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe an effective treatment. To avoid the recurrence of the disease will help medications and special diet.

All these steps should improve your condition, but keep in mind that superficial chronic gastritis is treated primarily with the help of a doctor. Do not put off visits to the specialist, the only way you can be sure that superficial gastritis treated, not masked at the time.