Pylorospasm the child

Пилороспазм у детей The pilorospazme is a disease in which there is a strong muscular contraction in the area of the pyloric part of the stomach. The pilorospazme leads to a violation of timely removal of food from the stomach and is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.

The gatekeeper regularly reduced, regardless of the need of digestion. This muscle is susceptible to all departments of digestion, change of level of acidity of gastric secretions and impulses of the CNS. On the background of different irritating factors appears increased muscle contraction, which destroys the structure of the body. The stomach starts to work faster, trying to beat the intensity of the contractions and push the food.

Why is there a pilorospazme?

Such a disease as pilorospazme, can develop from many reasons:

  • deficiency of vitamins;
  • extreme fatigue after physical work or mental strain;
  • in lesions of the intestine;
  • poisoning by nicotine, morphine;
  • different diseases of the stomach, such as ulcer, chronic gastritis, diseases of the biliary tract, etc.

Often the causes of the disease are the following external impacts on the mother, Smoking, professional activity with aggressive substances, the use of certain medications, can all lead to pilorospazme. Newborn pilorospazme may occur due to a difficult birth, prematurity or congenital disease of the CNS. In adults the disease appears as a result of poor General condition of the body or severe fatigue.

The clinical picture

Symptoms pilorospazme the following:

  • spasms in the epigastric area;
  • pain in the stomach;
  • urine in quantities that has a light color;
  • in severe form of the disease is observed by vomiting, which relieves, but accompanied by weakness;
  • emetic content when pilorospazme has a very unpleasant smell;
  • there is a loss of body weight;
  • after the meal comes the nausea and heaviness in the stomach.

As a rule, the pilorospazme in children observed in the first months of their lives.
Ребенок с пилороспазмом
The pilorospazme in newborns is manifested by such symptoms:

  • frequent vomiting after feeding in a few hours;
  • sometimes vomit out a fountain;
  • babies do not gain weight;
  • there are attacks of colic;
  • the child is restless, insomnia occurs, little can be obnoxious.

The pilorospazme affects the nervous system and muscle tone.

How to recognize the disease?

Diagnosis of disease is conducted by the attending doctor. First of all, the study isx-ray examination of the stomach using contrast substances for x-ray stagnating food in the stomach. The substance passes from the stomach into the intestine in small amounts. In the picture, when pilorospazme, gastric depicted in an unusual configuration. That diagnosis gave accurate result, you need to use the drug, relaxing muscles. After the attack disappears, the picture shows the normal passage of substances. It is very important endoscopic method in which there is pyloric part of the stomach with stagnation of food in it.

What is the treatment of the disease?

Treatment pilorospazme begins with the definition of the factor of development of the disease and its subsequent elimination. It is very important to respect the principles of diet with the joint medical therapy. The diet should be as gentle to the stomach. Excluded from the diet spicy, fried. Patients with pilorospazme shown the food in mash and soups. Food should be warm, the optimum temperature for the stomach. In severe cases is surgical intervention. When dehydration is subcutaneous, and intravenous fluids. Useful effect when pilorospazme gives therapeutic gymnastics, massage, breathing techniques. Antispasmodics in this disease are appointed in difficult situations.

The pilorospazme in children: treatment

Treatment infants pilorospazme involves feeding small portions. The baby is in the correct position. Useful massage, antispasmodics, sedative treatment. With the development of the nervous system, the disease usually passes.

What's the prognosis?

If untreated, the pathology becomes more severe and serious for life pathology – pyloric stenosis. It is an irreversible lesion, which disturbed the quality of life and require surgery. Do not ignore the warning signs, believing that everything will go alone. If you suspect a pilorospazme, it is necessary to go to the doctor.