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The stomach digests bad food? Let's deal!

Помогите желудку Digestion of food in the body is a similar process in humans and animals. Food is crushed in the mouth, then enters the stomach. The process of digestion occurs in the intestine using enzymes, where the absorption and separation of feces. When the stomach does not digest food, a person experiences severe pain and discomfort.

Stop of the stomach – this condition is accompanied by quite unpleasant symptoms. This phenomenon occurs in different people at different ages. Next, we discuss the factors because of which there is a stop stomach how to recognize the problem and what to do in order to provide the body proper functioning of the digestive tract.

Causes of neperemozhne food

People are often concerned about the stopping of the stomach, often do not comply with the principles of proper nutrition, which can lead not only to serious disease, and many other problems. Most often is the stomach of those who abuse food are often overeating, especially before bedtime. Doctors believe that the problem hurts those who eat cold food because of an active lifestyle. Huge chunks of food the body to digest much more difficult, with the result that may occur atony of the stomach. This is because the body is unable to cope with the huge amount of food.

Dental disease, for which there is a flow in the digestive tract of various bacteria, harmful habits such as Smoking and regular alcohol abuse contribute to this condition.

Atony of the stomach suggests that reduced muscle tone layers on, resulting in the movement of food stops. Food that collects in the organs, puts pressure on the stomach wall, thereby reducing its tonus. If the normal movement of food there is no barrier, then, atony of the stomach treated with conservative method.

The reason why does not the stomach, may be the following:

  • weak secretion of;
  • the accumulation of microorganisms on the mucous membrane of the body;
  • violation of metabolism.

Причины болей в желудке Poor secretion of may be due to changes in the hormonal nature or as a result of dysfunction of the secretory glands, which is why there is obstruction of the stomach.

As a result of atrophy occurs slow the process of isolation of enzymes necessary for digestion. Digestion is much disturbed, the mucosa becomes weak and creates a perfect environment for the accumulation of microorganisms.

If the body digests the food badly in a young child may be affected bypsychological aspect: moving to another place, cessation of breastfeeding, and more. This condition affects people who have poorly developed physically and regularly experiencing stress.

Clinical manifestations

The main symptom of obstruction is vomiting. The food is not digested until the end, this comes out. Vomit semidigested represent pieces of food, the smell is very unpleasant, rotten.Obstruction of the stomach is not the end only one vomiting on reception to the doctor, patients come with the following symptoms:

  • belching;
  • the severity that occurs after a certain time after a meal;
  • a quick weight loss.

Lazy stomach manifests itself after eating of solid foods or eating food in large quantities. With the development of the pathological condition, the problems appear with the use of liquid. Ulcer observed all of the above symptoms with the addition of pain in the epigastric part. Malignant tumors are also accompanied by severe pain.

What to do if stomach up?

Specific therapeutic measures for solving this problem. First of all, you need to understand why was the stomach and consult a doctor. In order to make the stomach lazy to work, you need to normalize your meals. If stopped the stomach, need to do the following:

  • to establish a daily diet. To be eaten in a certain set time. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The most nutritious foods should be consumed in the morning and in the evening it is better to eat light food;
  • no need to transfer. To consume food in small amounts, it will ensure the digestive tract. Thus the body burden will be minimized, respectively;
  • performs the unloading, taking light food. Doctors suggest to do it on the weekends.

All these simple steps you can easily do yourself. Minimize the use of alcohol and Smoking, regularly visit the dentist to maintain the oral cavity in good condition.

The following exercises are recommended to do when a body stood up: Расстроенный желудок

  • take a horizontal position on the back, legs, clasp your hands, pulling them to the stomach. From this position you need to do the jiggle on the back;
  • in the same position, try feet to get the floor behind the head;
  • it is very helpful to do this exercise as a "Bicycle".

What to do when diseases of the gastrointestinal tract?

Treatment of obstruction due to ulcer, involves the surgicaloperations. In malignant pathological process, the disease can be diagnosed at an advanced stage. The patient according to the testimony can be completely removed stomach. Often the disease is treated only symptomatically, because of the lack of other methods of treatment. In the postoperative period all the patients have to follow a strict diet. Food should be warm and pureed.

Traditional methods

Alternative medicine helps to get to work lazy stomach. To run it, you need to:

  • take 10 g a simple herb marjoram, pour it with boiling water, infuse 30 minutes, drink two times a day for 10 ml;
  • eat a small spoon of a dry grass Thistle, drinking drinking water it.

If you have any sudden problems with digestion, think that could lead to such a condition. Be sure to consult a doctor to resolve this issue.