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Symptoms and treatment of aerophagia

Аэрофагия Aerophagia is a disturbance of the stomach, in which the swallowing of air. In a healthy condition when a person does not swallow, his esophageal valve is closed. When eating, the sphincter opens and in conjunction with the food always hits the air in a certain amount. Normally, the stomach is filled with 200 ml of air, which is required for absorption by the intestines. Gas is an integral component of the stomach and colon. The air that enters the gastrointestinal area, includes the majority of the gas. Other gases are created by intestinal microorganisms. Aerophagia associated with the increase of air in the stomach as the air enters the stomach, regardless of the meal. Today in medicine aerophagia is also defined by such terms as pneumatosis of the stomach.

The etiology of the diseases of the stomach

The causes of the disease are:

  • unbalanced diet, improper nutrition: rush, conversations;
  • breathing problems;
  • gastrointestinal disease;
  • cardiac pathology;
  • inappropriate dentures;
  • strong stress, nervous disorders.

The clinical picture

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • airy burp, resulting from stress, nervous disorders;
  • involuntary burping, not associated with meals;
  • heaviness in the stomach, bursting, due to the stretching of the stomach, the symptoms decrease after burping;
  • the feeling of lack of air, severe shortness of breath, pain in the heart after a meal. Symptoms subside after burping. Mean heart pain differential diagnosis;
  • hiccups;
  • flatulence.

Запах изо рта Symptoms of aerophagia should be differentiated from malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, gastric ulcer, pyloric stenosis, a dyskinesia of intestines and biliary tract.

Aerophagia is accompanied by stretching of the lower valve of the esophagus, weakens its tone and appearance of the hernia. Also, the pathology differs from Alvarez syndrome, in which there is an increase in the abdomen. It is typical for female patients who have a strong nervous and prone to tantrums. The disease does not cause such a strong increase of the abdomen.

Complications disease of the stomach:

  • in the absence of treatment can occur stretching of muscles that separates the esophagus with the stomach;
  • hernia hiatal.


Pneumatosis of the stomach involves the identification of the reasons for the development of pathology. Setting up a functional state of the CNS and the gastrointestinal tract not only simplifies detection of aerophagia, but also to determine its cause, and then assigned to the appropriatetreatment.


Neurological aerophagia is a conditional reflex swallowing of air. Organic pathology can cause anomalies of the digestive system. Functional pathology of the stomach occurs because of the characteristics of the structure is not fully formed digestive system.

The treatment of the disease

Pneumatosis also includes restorative treatment, therapy, hypnosis, psychotherapy, physiotherapy. No need to wash out the stomach, as occurred vomiting may exacerbate the inferiority of the diaphragm, which can lead to hernia. Диагностика

The treatment of the disease is as follows:

  • the hygiene of food intake. You need to eat slowly, to drink the required amount of fluid;
  • to eat often, small amounts of food;
  • from the diet should exclude soda and food which leads to severe bloating;
  • air must be removed from the digestive sphere. This is the abdominal massage, you should lie in a horizontal position on the left side, the head should be lowered, taking a warm sitz bath;
  • the saliva necessary to spit;
  • regularly is to do breathing exercises;
  • patients with severe OCD need to take antidepressants.

Treatment for stomach disease in children

Аэрофагия у ребенка Stomach trouble in children is manifested by regurgitation. This phenomenon is caused by the intake of small quantities of milk from the stomach back to the esophagus and into the oral cavity. This pathology is observed in all infants. This process leads to discomfort. You need to keep in mind that aerophagia in children may indicate different pathologies, in this regard, you should consult with your doctor pediatrician.

Usually over time, aerophagia in children takes place. To minimize the unpleasant symptoms, you should exclude all the reasons, because of which the illness occurs. Special attention should be paid to feeding, no need to let the baby quickly sucked up the milk, it can cause overfeeding. It is necessary to provide ease of grasping of the nipple to the baby to minimize the absorption of air when feeding.

In the process of artificial feeding it is necessary to watch that the bottle was not air. It should be under a separate angle during feeding. The child should be in a half-upright condition. Do not feed your baby when he cries. After eating the baby to keep upright, to completely regurgitated air from the stomach. Do not exercise and do not change clothes of the child after a meal. Put it inhorizontal position on the back before feeding and Pat his tummy, provide free access of air, keep the nose did not overlap.

If the above recommendations do not help to eliminate the symptoms of aerophagia, a dietary treatment that is assigned to a pediatrician may be prescribed medications to improve intestinal motility. Dietary treatment includes a special mixture with high content of casein, thickeners.

Prevention of aerophagia

Preventive measures for diseases of the stomach should be focused on balanced nutrition and compliance with all rules during the meal.

Do not ignore the symptoms of diseases of the stomach, hoping they will pass on their own. If you experience the characteristic signs of the presence of air, it is necessary to consult the doctor.