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Where there are cramps in the stomach and how to get rid of them?

Рези в желудке If you note in his periodic pains in the stomach, urgently need to be checked for diseases. Every pathology of the stomach is different with their symptoms, so suspect any disease is possible and before visiting the doctor. For example, constant discomfort in the stomach area without sharp pain may indicate the presence of gastritis. Ulcer, on the contrary, will be characterized by the presence of sharp pains and severe pain.

If the nature of the sharp pains changed, this may indicate that the disease becomes more severe condition. But the final diagnosis only on certain grounds without a doctor impossible.

What may appear cutting pains

The main causes of sharp pains:

  1. Gastritis. It can be of several types. The first of them is bacterial, caused by microorganisms. Second stress, developing emotional turmoil or trauma. Also gastritis can be erosive. The emergence of this type of disease can be provoked by use of various medications, as well as spicy foods and alcohol. Stands and viral gastritis. There is also an atrophic form of the disease.
  2. Ulcer.
  3. Cancer of the stomach.
  4. The presence of clusters of cells in the mucosa of the stomach, which are called polyps. This pathology is quite rare.

If to speak about less serious diseases, it is worth mentioning causes such as overeating or indigestion after a lot of exercise. Also sharp pains in the stomach can be accompanied by diseases such as strep throat or pneumonia.

Food and pain after her

After the appearance of uncomfortable sensations in the stomach, you need to link it to the last meal and remember when the pain started. If it happened immediately after a meal, it can be assumed that the person has a chronic gastritis.

The appearance of pain in the first few hours (1-2) after a meal is often said about the presence of ulcers in the stomach. Also, within 1-2 hours, duodenal ulcer is accompanied by symptoms of sharp pains after a couple of hours after eating.

But it should be remembered that certain foods can delay or accelerate the onset of sharp pains and severe pain. Such include:

  • Boiled meat;
  • Milk;
  • Pickled vegetables;
  • Canned foods;
  • Black bread.

The mechanism of pain

Most often, the pain caused due to disorders of intestinal motility, which means that the body is not able to promote food caught in it. This happens in the intestine, but cramps can occur in the stomach.

The gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive tochange of diet, so any diet can thus affect the body. In addition, the pain may occur due to reasons that are not directly associated with the process of digestion.

Due to many adverse circumstances the contraction of smooth muscle may deteriorate, leading to not smooth cuts, and to spasms, causing discomfort. Treatment in any case may be appointed only by a physician, so do not assign yourself different teas and pills.

In some cases, it is urgent to call a doctor

The reason for a call to the doctor can become:

  1. Cramps in the stomach, which is accompanied by vomiting. If facing masses have a dark color, it may indicate bleeding.
  2. Cramps begin to grow and spread. This symptom is accompanied by inflammation of the pancreas.
  3. If cramps start to move closer to the right side, it could indicate appendicitis.
  4. When the pain starts to increase and becomes sharper, in most cases it is a sign of complications of ulcers.

All these symptoms are cause for immediate treatment for medical assistance. This should be done at the earliest stages of the emergence of discomfort.

How to get rid of the pain

The main treatment should be done only by a qualified technician, but want to get rid of discomfort before he will inspect and diagnose. It is not necessary to use a variety of your home-made decoctions. In most cases, they are absolutely no help.

It should be remembered that to take special medication before the advent of the doctor is prohibited, as they will eliminate the sensations, and the doctor can not immediately determine what to do, as they will not know the nature of pain. In addition, pills can even worsen the condition.

In the survey the doctor will clarify many points that will help to determine what causes this phenomenon, and prescribe treatment. Yourself on all the options you want the patient to pay attention simply can not. Therefore, if you encounter sharp pains in the stomach, you must call the medical worker, without any action, because after this treatment can be complicated.

Acute pain after drinking alcohol

Нет алкоголюMany have noticed that after drinking a certain alcoholic beverage in the stomach, causing severe pain. Not everyone pays attention to it, since the discomfort may not occur every time. But it is worth doing, because pain can signal a serious problem.

Causes of pain– effects of alcohol, which is able to suppress the activity of cells of the gastric mucosa, which leads to discomfort. The walls of the stomach becomes difficult to perform its function, and it responds to painful sharp pains. In addition, the cause of the pain can be alcoholic gastritis.

But what to do in this situation? To calm the stomach during the period when there is pain, you need to consume certain foods that help to reduce irritation:

  • Milk;
  • Jelly;
  • Raw eggs;
  • Oatmeal, cooked with plenty of liquid.

In addition, you can take painkillers. Such methods can only alleviate the situation during the application of alcohol, but they do not cure the disease, so you should contact a doctor for help (free consultation online can on our website) to eliminate the causes themselves.

To prevent the development of the disease and the appearance of another sharp pains, you need to stick to a sparing diet and not to consume alcoholic beverages in a time when there is a treatment.